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Professional internet information source used as educational resource for patients with insulin-treated diabetes in the Czech Republic: a 5-year analysis of operations

  • Jan BrožEmail author
  • Marek Brabec
  • Klára Brožová
  • Ivana Cibulková
  • Denisa Janíčková Žďárská
  • Daniela Hartmann
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Czech Republic Hypoglycemia Glycemic Index Diabetes Educator Nutrition Information 
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Compliance with ethical standards


This study was supported by the Czech Republic Ministry of Health project for conceptual development of research organization (00064203: Motol Teaching Hospital, Prague, Czech Republic).

Conflict of interest

The authors declare that there are no actual or potential conflicts of interest in relation to this article.


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Authors and Affiliations

  • Jan Brož
    • 1
    • 2
    Email author
  • Marek Brabec
    • 3
    • 4
  • Klára Brožová
    • 5
  • Ivana Cibulková
    • 6
  • Denisa Janíčková Žďárská
    • 1
  • Daniela Hartmann
    • 7
  1. 1.Department of Internal Medicine, Second Faculty of MedicineCharles UniversityPragueCzech Republic
  2. 2.DiacentrumNGOPragueCzech Republic
  3. 3.Institute of Computer Science of the ASCR, v. v. i.PragueCzech Republic
  4. 4.Czech Institute of Informatics, Robotics, and CyberneticsCzech Technical University in PraguePragueCzech Republic
  5. 5.Department of Pediatric NeurologyThomayer’s HospitalPragueCzech Republic
  6. 6.Second Department of Internal Medicine, Third Faculty of MedicinePragueCzech Republic
  7. 7.Department of Dermatology and AllergologyLudwig Maximilian UniversityMunichGermany

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