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Seam warping: a new approach for image retargeting for small displays

  • Lixia Zhang
  • Kangshun LiEmail author
  • Zhaoming Ou
  • Fubin Wang
Methodologies and Application


Image retargeting is a technique to adapt an image to display on devices with different sizes and aspect ratios. When mobile devices with small displays are increasingly popular, it becomes important to retarget images that are intended for regular monitors to smaller mobile screens. Existing methods that retarget images to smaller devices, such as seam carving and warping, have some limitations: seam caving method may damage the integrity of the image, and warping method could fail when focus detection algorithm is not good. The target images obtained through the above algorithms often have obvious distortions. In this paper, we propose a new image retargeting method that combines seam caving and warping. This method preserves the advantage of warping in keeping focused areas of the image without discarding unfocused contents, and at the same time, uses seam finding scheme to address the problem of focus detection. The results of our experiment study on user preferences of retargeted images show that our approach is successful for image retargeting.


Image retargeting Focus detection Seam Warping 



This work was jointly supported by Natural Science Foundation of Guangdong Province of China (#2014A030313454), and the National Spark Program of China (#2013GA780033).


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  1. 1.College of Mathematics and InformaticsSouth China Agricultural UniversityGuangzhouPeople’s Republic of China
  2. 2.Bingo Software Co., LtdGuangzhouPeople’s Republic of China

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