Why 0.9% saline is not normal

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Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor

Dr. Hayes in an excellent review article of “Ab-normal saline in abnormal kidney function: risks and alternatives” has mentioned that normal saline is hypertonic capable of causing hypernatremia and metabolic acidosis [1]. Subsequently, Dr. Mortiz has discussed in the letter to the editor entitled as “Why 0.9% saline is isotonic” that normal saline is isotonic after the correction of osmolarity to osmolality [2]. There are some inadequacy in the letter of Dr. Mortiz that needs to be described.

The osmolar concentration (osmolarity) of any solution is defined as normality and is calculated as follows [ 3]:
$$ \mathrm{Osmolarity}=\frac{C\;\left(\mathrm{mg}/\mathrm{L}\right).{n}^{\prime }}{MW} $$



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