Can childhood obesity influence later chronic kidney disease?

  • Lyda Jadresic
  • Richard J. Silverwood
  • Sanjay Kinra
  • Dorothea Nitsch
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Childhood overweight and obesity affects more and more children. Whilst associations of childhood overweight with later outcomes such as hypertension, diabetes and cardiovascular disease have been well documented, less is known about the association of childhood overweight and obesity with kidney disease. We review the existing evidence for the association of childhood obesity with markers of childhood and adult kidney disease. Whilst there is some evidence for an association, studies have not been able to distinguish between childhood being a sensitive time to develop later kidney problems, or whether observed associations of childhood obesity with poor outcomes are driven by greater lifelong exposure to obesity.


Body mass index Childhood Obesity Overweight Kidney disease Review 


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This work was supported by Kidney Research UK (grant number RP34/2009) to RJS and DN.

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