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Dyslipidemia in children with CKD: should we treat with statins?

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Dyslipidemia has been shown to be a risk factor for increased cardiovascular morbidity and mortality in adult patients with chronic kidney disease (CKD) stages 2–4. In patients on dialysis, a paradoxical correlation has been found between low cholesterol values and increased mortality rates. No data exist in children. Treatment with statins has been convincingly shown to both reduce blood lipid levels and mortality rates from cardiovascular disease in adult patients in CKD stages 2–4. There is no strong literature support for treating patients on dialysis or after having had a transplant. Data on benefits of statin therapy do not exist in children with CKD. There are many differences between adult and paediatric kidney patients, and I caution on extrapolating the findings in adult patients to children. Studies are thus needed to evaluate the benefits and potential problems of statin treatment in children with CKD.


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