Pediatric Nephrology

, Volume 27, Issue 1, pp 17–32 | Cite as

Hypertension in infancy: diagnosis, management and outcome

  • Janis M. Dionne
  • Carolyn L. Abitbol
  • Joseph T. FlynnEmail author


Advances in the ability to identify, evaluate, and care for infants with hypertension, coupled with advances in the practice of Neonatology, have led to an increased awareness of hypertension in modern neonatal intensive care units. This review will present updated data on blood pressure values in neonates, with a focus on the changes that occur over the first days and weeks of life in both term and preterm infants. Optimal blood pressure measurement techniques as well as the differential diagnosis of hypertension in the neonate and older infants will be discussed. Recommendations for the optimal immediate and long-term evaluation and treatment, including potential treatment parameters, will be presented. We will also review additional information on outcome that has become available over the past decade.


Blood pressure Neonate Infant Prematurity ACE inhibitor Calcium channel blocker Hypertension Kidney disease 


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