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Cystinuria presenting with acute renal failure and hyperkalemia

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The Journal is attempting an experiment. Pediatric Nephrology is going to publish a series of educational quizzes, each of which comprises a case with a series of questions. The answers to the quizzes will not only contain the correct letter but will also contain references and a detailed explanation of the author’s reason for the answer. If you would like to participate and find out what the author thinks are the correct answers, please email and state the month of the Journal for which you would like the answers. The answers will be sent back to you electronically. The reason for this approach is to save space in the Journal, and these cases may be used by some societies and boards as a method of furthering medical education in the future. We welcome your input and suggestions. The first case in this series is a patient who presented to the Children’s Medical Center of Dallas a couple of years ago.

Case summary

J.C. is a two...


Cystine Threshold Potential Cystinuria Total Body Potassium Cystine Crystal 
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