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Power Doppler ultrasonography in the diagnosis of acute childhood pyelonephritis

  • Raphael Halevy
  • Vladislav Smolkin
  • Sergey Bykov
  • Leonid Chervinsky
  • Waheeb Sakran
  • Ariel Koren
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In the absence of specific symptomatology in children, the early diagnosis of acute pyelonephritis (APN) is a challenge, particularly during infancy. In an attempt to differentiate APN from lower urinary tract infection (UTI), we evaluated the ability of power Doppler ultrasonography (PDU) to predict renal parenchymal involvement, as assessed by dimercaptosuccinic acid (99m Tc-DMSA) scintigraphy. The study comprised 62 patients, 46 girls and 16 boys, aged 2 weeks to 5 years, admitted to the pediatric department with febrile UTI. All children were examined by PDU and DMSA scintigraphy within the first 3 days of admission. In the group of 31 patients with one or more DMSA scan abnormalities, the PDU showed a matching perfusion defect in 27 (87%). Of 26 children with normal DMSA scintigraphy, the PDU evaluation was also normal in 24. The sensitivity and specificity of PDU for the detection of affected kidneys were 87% and 92.3%, and the positive predictive value and negative predictive value were 93.1% and 85.7%, respectively. These data indicate the PDU has a high sensitivity and specificity for differentiating APN from lower UTI and may be a useful and practical tool for the diagnosis of APN in infants and children.


Dimercaptosuccinic acid scintigraphy Power Doppler ultrasonography Acute pyelonephritis Urinary tract infection 


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  • Vladislav Smolkin
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  • Sergey Bykov
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  • Leonid Chervinsky
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  • Waheeb Sakran
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  • Ariel Koren
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  1. 1.Pediatric Department BHa’Emek Medical CenterAfulaIsrael
  2. 2.Pediatric Nephrology UnitHa’Emek Medical CenterAfulaIsrael
  3. 3.Department of Nuclear MedicineHa’Emek Medical CenterAfulaIsrael
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  5. 5.Baruch Rappaport School of Medicine, TechnionIsrael Institute of TechnologyHaifaIsrael

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