Pure laparoscopic donor right hepatectomy: perspectives in manipulating a flexible scope

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Interest in pure laparoscopic donor hepatectomy (PLDH) is increasing worldwide with the donor’s cosmetic demands and improvements in surgical techniques. Efficient manipulation of flexible scope is mandatory for successful PLDH, especially in right hepatectomy which requires more mobilization. This study provides guidelines on how to manipulate optimally a flexible scope.


Data from 158 donors who underwent pure laparoscopic donor right hepatectomy (PLDRH) between November 2015 and December 2017 were retrospectively reviewed.


None of the donors required transfusion, conversion to open hepatectomy, or experienced any irreversible disabilities or mortalities. Three types of laparoscopic view provided by the flexible scope, which are bird’s eye view, low angle view, and lateral view, were applied to each step of the procedure.


PLDRH can be successfully performed with maximizing visibility given by the tips and pitfalls in manipulating the flexible scope.

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Pure laparoscopic donor right hepatectomy


Inferior vena cava


Cavitron ultrasonic aspirator


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Author information

SKH and K-WL: participated in study design. SKH, ES, K-WL, KCY, J-ML, J-HC, N-JY, and K-SS: performed the research. SKH, ES, and W-WL: analyzed the data and wrote the manuscript.

Correspondence to Kwang-Woong Lee.

Ethics declarations


Suk Kyun Hong, Eunhye Shin, Kwang-Woong Lee, Kyung Chul Yoon, Jeong-Moo Lee, Jae-Hyung Cho, Nam-Joon Yi, and Kyung-Suk Suh have no conflicts of interest.

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