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Safety and feasibility of laparoscopic surgery for appendiceal mucocele: a multicenter study

  • Tae Kyu Kim
  • Jun Ho Park
  • Jeong Yeon Kim
  • Byung Chun Kim
  • Byung Mo Kang
  • Soo Kee Min
  • Jong Wan KimEmail author



Although laparoscopic appendectomy has been widely performed since 1987, concerns over potential spillage of mucus into the peritoneal cavity during laparoscopic manipulation have prevented the use of laparoscopic surgery (LS) for appendiceal mucocele. The purpose of the present study was to evaluate the safety, feasibility, and short-term perioperative outcomes of LS for appendiceal mucocele.


A retrospective review was performed to identify patients diagnosed with appendiceal mucocele based on their imaging studies and who underwent surgery at one of six Hallym-University-affiliated hospitals between January 2007 and June 2016. Patient demographics, surgical outcomes, and postoperative outcomes were retrospectively analyzed.


A total of 96 patients were evaluated, of whom 58 underwent LS (LS group) and 38 underwent open surgery (OS; OS group). There were no significant differences in patient characteristics between groups. The operation time was similar in both groups (P = 0.399). Intraoperative rupture occurred in two patients in each group (no significant difference, P = 0.647). Time to flatus, time to soft food intake, and length of hospital stay were shorter in the LS group than in the OS group (2.4 vs. 3.2 days, P = 0.003; 3.6 vs. 4.5 days, P = 0.024; 6.5 vs. 8.8 days, P = 0.011, respectively). The rate of postoperative complications was similar between the groups (P = 0.786). Univariate analysis revealed that rupture of appendiceal mucocele was associated with white blood cell count > 10,000/µL (P = 0.032) but not with LS (P = 0.647).


The results showed that LS is safe and feasible for the surgical treatment of appendiceal mucocele. An elevated WBC count was associated with a risk of appendiceal mucocele rupture.


Appendix Mucocele Laparoscopic surgery 



This research was supported by Hallym University Research Fund 2017 (HURF-2017-28).

Compliance with Ethical Standards


Tae Kyu Kim, Jun Ho Park, Jeong Yeon Kim, Byung Chun Kim, Byung Mo Kang, and Soo Kee Min have no conflicts of interests. Jong Wan Kim was supported by Hallym University Research Fund 2017 (HURF-2017-28).


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