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Deep shaving and transanal disc excision in large endometriosis of mid and lower rectum: the Rouen technique

  • Horace RomanEmail author
  • Carole Abo
  • Emmanuel Huet
  • Jean-Jacques Tuech



Colorectal resection is performed in a majority of patients presenting with large endometriosis of mid and lower rectum; however, it may negatively and irreversibly impact postoperative rectal function. To avoid such unfavourable outcomes, we propose an original technique combining laparoscopic deep rectal shaving and transanal disc excision using a semi-circular stapler.


The video presents the procedure performed in a 29-year-old nullipara referred with a large endometriotic nodule infiltrating the lower rectum on more than 30 mm length. The first step is laparoscopic and involves deep rectal shaving performed using exclusively the plasma energy. Then, transanal excision of shaved area is performed, by placing traction parachute sutures in the middle and outside the shaved area. Their traction induces the prolapse of shaved area that is resected using a semicircular stapler. Insufflating the rectum with air checks the integrity of the staple line.


Operative time was 210 min. Immediate postoperative outcomes were uneventful, and bowel movements were normal beginning with day 6. Our technique is suitable in large rectal nodules located up to 10 cm above the anus, infiltrating the rectum on up to 6 cm length, and these parameters are preoperatively assessed using MRI and computed tomography. To date, it was successfully carried out in 29 women with large deep endometriosis of the mid and lower rectum. Rectovaginal fistula was recorded in one patient (3.6 %) and transitory bladder dysfunction in seven patients (25 %). Digestive function assessment using standardized questionnaires revealed an overall improvement, without de novo anal continence troubles. Postoperative pregnancy rate was 78 % with a majority of patients having conceived spontaneously.


Based on our experience, we believe that our conservative technique is feasible and reproducible in large mid and lower rectal endometriosis and might avoid the risk of unfavourable outcomes related to low colorectal resection.


Deep endometriosis Colorectal endometriosis Disc excision Full thickness excision Colorectal resection Transanal stapler 


Compliance with ethical standards


Horace Roman reports personal fees for participating in a symposium and a masterclass presenting his experience in the use of PlasmaJet. Carole Abo has no conflict of interest. Emmanuel Huet has no conflict of interest. Jean-Jacques Tuech has no conflict of interest.

Supplementary material

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  • Carole Abo
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  • Emmanuel Huet
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  • Jean-Jacques Tuech
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  1. 1.Department of Gynecology and ObstetricsRouen University HospitalRouenFrance
  2. 2.Research Group EA 4308 ‘Spermatogenesis and Male Gamete Quality’Rouen University HospitalRouenFrance
  3. 3.Department of Digestive SurgeryRouen University HospitalRouenFrance
  4. 4.Digestive Tract Research Group EA3234/IFRMP23Rouen University HospitalRouenFrance

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