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Guidelines for the management of hiatal hernia

  • Geoffrey Paul KohnEmail author
  • Raymond Richard Price
  • Steven R. DeMeester
  • Jörg Zehetner
  • Oliver J. Muensterer
  • Ziad Awad
  • Sumeet K. Mittal
  • William S. Richardson
  • Dimitrios Stefanidis
  • Robert D. Fanelli
  • for the SAGES Guidelines Committee


The guidelines for the management of hiatal hernia are a series of systematically developed statements to assist physicians’ and patients’ decisions about the appropriate use of laparoscopic surgery for hiatal hernia. The statements included in this guideline are the product of a systematic review of published literature on the topic, and the recommendations are explicitly linked to the supporting evidence. The strengths and weaknesses of the available evidence are highlighted and expert opinion sought where the evidence is lacking.


Guidelines for clinical practice are intended to indicate preferable approaches to medical problems as established by experts in the field. These recommendations will be based on existing data or a consensus of expert opinion when few or no data are available. Guidelines are applicable to all physicians who address the clinical problem(s) without regard to specialty training or interests. They are intended to indicate the preferable, but...


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Geoffrey Kohn receives teaching honoraria from Ethicon. Dimitrios Stefanidis receives teaching honoraria from Gore, Ethicon, and Bard. Raymond Price, Steven DeMeester, Jörg Zehetner, Oliver Muensterer, Ziad Awad, Sumeet Mittal, William Richardson, and Robert Fanelli have no conflicts of interest or financial ties to disclose.


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