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Comparison of short- and medium-term results between laparoscopically assisted and totally laparoscopic right hemicolectomy: a case-control study

  • Massimiliano Fabozzi
  • Rosaldo Allieta
  • Riccardo Brachet Contul
  • Manuela Grivon
  • Paolo Millo
  • Elena Lale-Murix
  • Mario NardiJr.



This study aimed to compare the short- and medium-term results obtained by totally laparoscopic right colectomy (TL) with those obtained by laparoscopically assisted right colectomy (LAC) for the treatment of right colon cancer.


A retrospective study compared two nonstatistically different groups (50 TL and 50 LAC cases) managed for nonmetastatic malignant tumors. The study outcomes included operative time, length of minilaparotomy, intraoperative complications, postoperative pain, time to resumption of the gastrointestinal functions, permanence of abdominal drain, analgesic therapy duration, postoperative complications, hospitalization time, number of harvested lymph nodes, and distant metastases onset.


The mean operative times were 78 ± 25 min (TL group) and 92 ± 22 min (LAC group) (p < 0.05). The findings showed a lower postoperative pain level associated with a reduction in analgesic consumption (p > 0.05) and earlier restoration of digestive function in the TL group than in the LAC group. The mean hospital stays were approximately 5 days (TL) and 7 days (LAC) (p < 0.05). No complications occurred either intra- or postoperatively, and similarly, the TL group experienced no mortality. In comparison, the LAC group had a 30% complication rate (p < 0.05). The complications included one case of intraoperative small bowel lesion, three cases of postoperative respiratory infections, three cases of anastomotic leakage, two cases of intestinal occlusion, three cases of minilaparotomy infection, one case of postoperative femoral neurosis, one case of postoperative heart attack, and one case of postoperative pancreatitis. The mortality rate was 0%. Neither group had a recurrence of the neoplastic disease during a 4-year follow-up period.


The findings seem to demonstrate that TL right colectomy is feasible and safe, yielding results comparable with those of the open approach but offering improved postoperative patient comfort. The limits of this retrospective comparative study do not allow definitive conclusions to be drawn despite the encouraging data for the next prospective randomized studies.


Intracorporeal anastomosis Laparoscopic right colectomy Laparoscopically assisted right colectomy 



Massimiliano Fabozzi, Rosaldo Allieta, Riccardo Brachet Contul, Manuela Grivon, Paolo Millo, Elena Lale-Murix, and Mario Nardi Jr have no conflicts of interest or financial ties to disclose.


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  • Rosaldo Allieta
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  • Riccardo Brachet Contul
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  • Manuela Grivon
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  • Paolo Millo
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  • Elena Lale-Murix
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  • Mario NardiJr.
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