Left laparoscopic paraduodenal hernia repair

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An internal hernia is a protrusion of bowel through a normal or abnormal orifice in the peritoneum or mesentery. Paraduodenal hernia is by far the most common form of congenital internal hernia, making up 53% of all reported cases. In recent years, as surgeons have become more comfortable with laparoscopic techniques, they are performing an increasing number of these procedures laparoscopically.


To highlight the technical steps of this technique, the case of a patient with a left paraduodenal hernia and a video of the laparoscopic repair are presented. Additionally, a PubMed search of the English medical literature was conducted using the search words “laparoscopic,” “paraduodenal,” and “hernia” as filters. The cases of laparoscopic paraduodenal hernia repair in the literature to date recording data on technique, complications, and hospital course were reviewed.


In addition to the case described in this report, 14 cases of laparoscopic paraduodenal hernia were described in 10 published reports. Of the 15 cases, 11 (73%) were left-sided, likely representing the relative incidence of these cases. The hernia defect was closed in 10 (77%) of the 13 cases for which the repair method was described, whereas the defect was widely opened in the remaining cases. One report described an operative complication (6.7%), an internal mesenteric vein injury, and one recurrence (6.7%) occurred 18 months after surgery in the direct defect closure group.


The current data lead to the conclusion that laparoscopic paraduodenal hernia repair is a safe and feasible approach for selected patients. It can be expected that as surgeons become increasingly comfortable and facile with laparoscopic techniques, paraduodenal hernias and many other causes of acute small bowel obstruction will be increasingly managed laparoscopically.

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