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Comparative analysis of clinical outcomes for laparoscopic distal pancreatic resection and open distal pancreatic resection at a single institution

  • Song C. Kim
  • Kwan T. Park
  • Ji W. Hwang
  • Hyeng C. Shin
  • Sang S. Lee
  • Dong W. Seo
  • Sung K. Lee
  • Myung H. Kim
  • Duck J. Han



Despite recent advances in laparoscopic pancreatic surgery, few studies have compared laparoscopic distal pancreatic resection (LDPR) with open distal pancreatic resection (ODPR). This study aimed to compare clinical outcomes for LDPR and ODPR performed at a single institution.


For this study, 93 patients with benign pancreatic disease underwent LDPR, and 35 patients with benign pancreatic disease underwent ODPR. Patient demographic characteristics, operative times, perioperative complications, length of hospital stay, and return to normal diet were compared retrospectively between the two groups.


The LDPR and ODPR groups had the same demographic characteristics. The median operative time was 195 min in the LDPR group and 190 min in the ODPR group (p > 0.05). The rate of spleen preservation was higher in the LDPR group (40.8%) than in the ODPR group (5.7%) (p < 0.05) No operative mortality occurred in either group. The overall complication rate was 24.7% in the LDPR group and 29% in the ODPR group (p > 0.05). The rate of pancreas-related complications was 11.8% in the LDPR group and 17.2% in the ODPR group (p > 0.05). Pancreatic fistula developed in 8.6% of the LDPR group and in 14.3% of the ODPR group (p > 0.05). Bowel movement return to normal and resumption of normal diet were achieved 2.8 ± 1.3 days after the operation in the LDPR group and 4.5 ± 1.6 days after the operation in the ODPR group (p < 0.05). The median duration of hospital stay was 10 days for the LDPR group, which was significantly shorter than the 16 days for the ODPR group (p < 0.01).


The use of LDPR for benign lesions of the distal pancreas is feasible and safe. The LDPR procedure is associated with operative times and complication rates similar to those for ODPR, but LDPR has the advantages of an earlier return to normal bowel movements and normal diet and shorter hospital stays than ODPR.


Distal pancreatic resection Laparoscopic surgery Pancreatic neoplasm 


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Authors and Affiliations

  • Song C. Kim
    • 1
  • Kwan T. Park
    • 1
  • Ji W. Hwang
    • 1
  • Hyeng C. Shin
    • 1
  • Sang S. Lee
    • 2
  • Dong W. Seo
    • 2
  • Sung K. Lee
    • 2
  • Myung H. Kim
    • 2
  • Duck J. Han
    • 1
  1. 1.Department of SurgeryUlsan University College of Medicine and Asan Medical CenterSeoulKorea
  2. 2.Department of GastroenterologyUlsan University College of Medicine and Asan Medical CenterSeoulKorea

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