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Laparoscopic surgery for submucosal tumors located at the esophagogastric junction and the prepylorus

  • Sun-Hwi Hwang
  • Do Joong Park
  • Young Hoon Kim
  • Kyoung Ho Lee
  • Hye Seung Lee
  • Hyung-Ho KimEmail author
  • Hyuk-Joon Lee
  • Han-Kwang Yang
  • Kuhn Uk Lee



Laparoscopic partial gastric resection is widely accepted as a treatment for gastric submucosal tumors (SMTs). However, SMTs of either end of the stomach are generally managed by subtotal gastrectomies or total gastrectomies. This study was conducted to evaluate surgical techniques for management of SMTs located at the ends of the stomach.


Among 63 patients who were diagnosed and underwent laparoscopic surgery for gastric SMTs at Seoul National University Bundang Hospital from May 2003 to May 2007, 11 SMTs located at the ends of the stomach were identified. The clinicopathologic results of these 11 SMTs were analyzed.


Laparoscopic partial wedge resections or tumor excisions were successfully performed on all patients except for those who had prepyloric tumors. Six men and five women had SMTs at the ends of the stomach. The patients ranged in age from 21–63 years (mean 43.4 ± 13.5 years). Of six esophagogastric junctional tumors that showed low, homogeneous contrast enhancement on computed tomography (CT) scans, five were treated by laparoscopic transgastric enucleation and one by tumor-everting resection. One esophagogastric junctional tumor that leaned toward the fundus and showed a 6-cm-diameter endophytic mass with heterogeneous enhancement on CT scan was resected by laparoscopic wedge resection. The mean operation time was 100 min (range 60–210 min). Three laparoscopy-assisted distal gastrectomies and one laparoscopic wedge resection were performed on SMTs located near the prepyloric antrum. There were no intra- or postoperative complications. Duration of postoperative hospital stay ranged from 4–7 days.


Laparoscopic local resection is an effective treatment for SMTs located at the esophagogastric junction and can be used instead of a total or proximal gastrectomy. However, gastrectomies should be considered for SMTs located near the pylorus because of the small volume of the lower third of the stomach.


Laparoscopy Submucosal tumors Gastric Esophagogastric junction Prepylorus 


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