Surgical Endoscopy

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Journey of the carbon-literate and climate-conscious endosurgeon having a head, heart, hands, and holistic sense of responsibility

  • Brij B. AgarwalEmail author

And what is good … and what is not good, need we ask anyone to tell us these things


Advances in minimally invasive surgery have seduced society as a whole. The appeal of endosurgery is premised upon reduced morbidity, speedier recovery and return to work. ‘Primum non Nocere’ thus seems like second nature to the endosurgeon. Endosurgeons are also at the forefront of developing innovative therapies utilizing evolving technologies. Like any other technological development in the world, laparoscopic surgery too has a potential impact on our environment. Murmurs of this concern are discernible in a recent article [1]. This is a call for us to peep down the “ozone hole.” The greenhouse effect of carbon dioxide (CO2) usage in laparoscopic surgery, though negligible, is undeniable. Capnosufflation has changed the climate in our operating rooms. “Do not disturb the sky and do not pollute the atmosphere” is an ancient commandment from oriental holy scriptures (Yajur Veda). The Vatican...


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  1. 1.Dr. Agarwal’s Surgery & YogaNew DelhiIndia
  2. 2.Sir Ganga Ram HospitalNew DelhiIndia

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