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Comparison of long-term outcomes of laparoscopy-assisted and open distal gastrectomy for early gastric cancer

  • Joo-Ho Lee
  • Cha-Kyong Yom
  • Ho-Seong Han



Application of laparoscopy-assisted distal gastrectomy (LADG) for early gastric cancer (EGC) is still controversial because of scant evidence of long-term safety and feasibility. We evaluated the long-term outcome of LADG compared with conventional open distal gastrectomy (ODG) for EGC.


Between March 1999 and July 2006, 106 patients underwent LADG and 105 patients underwent ODG for EGC. Clinicopathologic characteristics, postoperative outcomes, hospital course, postoperative morbidity, postoperative mortality, and long-term outcomes, including cancer recurrence and survival, were retrospectively compared between the two groups. Survival of all patients was confirmed with 55-month median follow-up.


Postoperative recovery was significantly faster in the LADG group; passing flatus occurred earlier, starting a liquid diet began sooner, and postoperative hospital stay was shorter (p < 0.05). Mean operation time was significantly longer in the LADG group. Postoperative complications in the LADG group occurred less frequently compared with in the ODG group (4.7% versus 13.3%, p = 0.046). Tumor recurrence occurred in two cases (0.9%) and death related to recurrence occurred in only one patient (0.5%). Overall 5-year survival rate (5-YSR) of all patients was 95.5%, while disease-specific 5-YSR was 98.8%. There was no significant difference in survival rates between the two groups; overall 5-YSR of the ODG and LADG groups was 94.9% and 95.9%, respectively.


Our data suggest that LADG for EGC is feasible and safe. We expect the results of the present study to be confirmed by prospective randomized analysis.


Early gastric cancer Laparoscopy-assisted distal gastrectomy Long-term outcome 


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  1. 1.Department of Surgery, Ewha Medical CenterEwha Womans University School of MedicineSeoulRepublic of Korea
  2. 2.Department of Surgery, Kangbuk Samsung HospitalSungkyunkwan University School of MedicineSeoulRepublic of Korea
  3. 3.Department of Surgery, Seoul National University HospitalSeoul National University College of MedicineSeoulRepublic of Korea

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