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A laparoscopic duodenojejunostomy for a duodenal obstruction from lymphoma

  • J. CyriacEmail author
  • L. Klein
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A patient with lymphoma in one-third of the duodenum causing a duodenal obstruction is described. The patient had a partial response with chemotherapy, but still was obstructed and unable to eat. He was losing weight, and chemotherapy had to be stopped. A gastrostomy tube was inserted for drainage because the stomach was quite distended. A jejunostomy tube was passed through the gastrostomy tube for feeding, but the patient did not tolerate the feeding. A laparoscopic bypass of the duodenumduodenal obstruction (from duodenum to jejunum) for this patient is shown on a video. The patient did very well after this bypass was provided. He was able to tolerate an oral diet on postoperative day 2, and on postoperative day 4, he was discharged home. He has since resumed chemotherapy, and is doing well, at this writing, 2 months after surgery.


Surgical Technical, Abdominal, Bowel, General Cancer, Cancer, General Endoscopy 

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