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Successful endoscopic treatment of chronic groin pain in athletes

  • R. N. van VeenEmail author
  • P. de Baat
  • M. P. Heijboer
  • G. Kazemier
  • B. J. Punt
  • R. S. Dwarkasing
  • H. J. Bonjer
  • C. H. J. van Eijck



Chronic groin pain, especially in professional sportsmen, is a difficult clinical problem.


From January 1999 to August 2005, 55 professional and semiprofessional sportsmen (53 males; mean age, 25 ± 4.5 years; range, 17–36 years) with undiagnosed chronic groin pain were followed prospectively. All the patients underwent an endoscopic total extraperitoneal (TEP) mesh placement.


Incipient hernia was diagnosed in the study athletes: 15 on the right side (27%), 12 on the left side (22%), and 9 bilaterally (16%). In 20 patients (36%), an inguinal hernia was found: 3 direct inguinal hernias (5%) and 17 indirect hernias (31%). All the athletes returned to their normal sports level within 3 months after the operation.


A TEP repair must be proposed to patients with prolonged groin pain unresponsive to conservative treatment. If no clear pathology is identified, reinforcement of the wall using a mesh offers good clinical results for athletes with idiopathic groin pain.


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  • P. de Baat
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  • M. P. Heijboer
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  • B. J. Punt
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  • R. S. Dwarkasing
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  • H. J. Bonjer
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