Laparoscopic management of gastrointestinal stromal tumors

  • S. Q. Nguyen
  • C. M. DivinoEmail author
  • J.-L. Wang
  • S. H. Dikman
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Surgery remains the standard for nonmetastatic gastrointestinal stromal tumors (GISTs). Laparoscopic surgery should be considered for these tumors as their biologic behavior lends them to curative resection without requiring large margins or extensive lymphadenectomies.


A retrospective review was performed of patients who underwent laparoscopic treatment of GISTs by surgeons at the Mount Sinai Medical Center from 2000-2005. Records were reviewed with respect to patient demographics, medical history, diagnostic workup, operative details, postoperative course, and pathologic characteristics.


Laparoscopic surgery was attempted in 43 patients with GISTs. The average age was 65 years and 21 were women. Fifty-six percent of patients presented with anemia or gastrointestinal bleeding. The tumors were located in the stomach (65%) and in the small bowel (35%). The mean tumor sizes were 4.6 cm (stomach) and 3.7 cm (small bowel). Gastric operations included laparoscopic wedge (29%), sleeve (21%), and partial (29%) gastrectomies. The three gastric conversions were due to local invasion of tumor into adjacent organs or proximity to the gastroesophageal junction. Small bowel operations included laparoscopic resections with extracorporeal (47%) and intracorporeal anastamoses (33%). Conversion in small bowel operations was associated with coincidental pathology in addition to the GIST. This consisted of an associated bowel perforation and a synchronous colonic carcinoma. There was one mortality and a 9% morbidity rate, including an evisceration requiring reoperation. All tumors were pathologically confirmed with CD117 immunohistochemistry.


In light of their biologic behavior, GISTs should be considered for laparoscopic resection. This minimally invasive approach to these tumors can be performed safely and reliably.


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  • C. M. Divino
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  • J.-L. Wang
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  • S. H. Dikman
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