Laparoscopic resections for colorectal cancer: Does conversion survival?

  • H. Moloo
  • J. Mamazza
  • E. C. Poulin
  • S. E. Burpee
  • Y. Bendavid
  • L. Klein
  • R. Gregoire
  • C. M. SchlachtaEmail author
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This purpose of this study was to examine whether survival is affected when laparoscopic resections for colorectal cancer are converted to open surgery.


A prospective database of 377 consecutive laparoscopic resections for colorectal cancer performed between November 1991 and June 2002 was reviewed. The TNM classification for colorectal cancer and the Kaplan-Meier method were used to determine survival curves for each group.


Conversion to an open procedure was required in 46 cases (12.8%). Converted and laparoscopic groups were similar in age, sex, comorbidities, and location and size of tumor. The converted group had a significantly higher weight (75 kg vs 69 kg, p = 0.013) and conversion score (2.18 vs. 1.87, p = 0.005). Patients with stage IV disease were significantly more likely to be converted than those with stage I–III disease (23.0% vs 11.2%, p = 0.04). There was no difference in the conversion rate between patients with stage I (14%), II (8%), or III (13%) colorectal cancers. Median follow-up was 30.5 months for stage I–III and 10.8 months for stage IV cancers. There were 190 patients followed at least 2 years and 73 patients followed at least 5 years. Survival curves demonstrate significantly lower 2-year survival after converted procedures as compared to laparoscopic (75.7% vs 87.2%, p = 0.02), with a trend toward lower 5-year survival (61.9% vs 69.7%, p = 0.077).


Survival rates at 2 and 5 years are lower for patients in the converted group compared to patients with LR. This finding could have serious impact on the treatment of patients with colorectal cancer. Further confirmation is required.


Laparoscopy Colorectal surgery Colon cancer Conversion Survival Outcomes 


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  • S. E. Burpee
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  • Y. Bendavid
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  • L. Klein
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