Surgical Endoscopy

, Volume 18, Issue 12, pp 1694–1711

Laparoscopic radical prostatectomy: review and assessment of an emerging technique

  • J. B. Basillote
  • T. E. Ahlering
  • D. W. Skarecky
  • D. I. Lee
  • R. V. Clayman



Several recent reports have affirmed the feasibility of the laparoscopic approach for radical prostatectomy. In this review, we discuss the morbidities associated with this technique and compare outcomes and convalescence with standard open radical prostatectomy.


We reviewed all currently published data on laparoscopic radical prostatectomy and our series of 45 robotic-assisted radical prostatectomies and compared them to several landmark series of open retropubic and perineal radical prostatectomies.


Although the initial series reported long operating times, these times have been significantly reduced in more recent series. Data on blood loss, convalescence, impotence, and incontinence rates have also been promising.


Although follow-up has been short thus far, laparoscopic radical prostatectomy has been shown to be similar to open radical prostatectomy in several areas.


Radical prostatectomy Laparoscopy Robot-assisted surgery Prostate cancer da Vinci surgical system 


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