Stenting or stoma creation for patients with inoperable malignant colonic obstructions? Results of a study and cost-effectiveness analysis

  • D. Xinopoulos
  • D Dimitroulopoulos
  • T. Theodosopoulos
  • K. Tsamakidis
  • G. Bitsakou
  • G. Plataniotis
  • M. Gontikakis
  • M. Kontis
  • I. Paraskevas
  • P. Vassilobpoulos
  • E. Paraskevas
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Background: The aim of the present study was to compare the efficacy, safety, and cost of endoscopic palliative treatment with selfexpanding metallic stents with that of stoma creation in the management of inoperable malignant colonic obstructions. Methods: A total of 30 patients with inoperable malignant partial obstruction (due to metastases, hemodynamic instability, or pulmonary instability) in the left colon unsing from colorectal or ovarian cancer were included in the study. Fifteen were randomized to undergo palliative metallic colonic stent placement and 15 to undergo stoma creation. The efficacy and safety of the two methods was compared. A cost-effectiveness analysis was also performed, including the cost of postinterventional care. Results: Stents were placed successfully in 14 of 15 patients. In one patient with obstruction of a tortuous rectosigmoid flexure colon, stenting was not possible; this patient was excluded from the study. During the follow-up period, a moderate, nonocclusive ingrowth of tumor into the stent lumen was observed in six patients; they were all treated with internal laser ablation. The cost-effectiveness analysis showed that although the stoma creation procedure was less expensive, the total difference in average costs for the two methods was 6.9% (132 Euros). Conclusions: Self-expanding metallic stent placement is a palliative alternative to colostomy for patients with inoperable malignant colonic strictures. This treatment option provides a better quality of life for the patient, without the psychological repercussions of a colostomy, and it appears to be cost-effective.


Self-expanding metal stents Colon cancer Palliative treatment Cost-effectiveness analysis Colostomy Cancer 


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  • K. Tsamakidis
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  • G. Bitsakou
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  • G. Plataniotis
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  • M. Gontikakis
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  • M. Kontis
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  • I. Paraskevas
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  • P. Vassilobpoulos
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  • E. Paraskevas
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  4. 4.Cass Business School, Faculty of Finance, City University, LondonUnited Kingdom

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