Laparoscopic distal gastrectomy with regional lymph node dissection for gastric cancer



Recently, a minimally invasive operation for gastric malignancies has been advocated, and the laparoscopic operation is noted as a technique that increases the quality of life. We performed distal gastrectomy with regional lymph node dissection on 160 cases of gastric cancer located in the middle or lower third of the stomach. In 123 cases, Billroth I reconstruction was performed intracorporeally using the quadrilateral (square) stapling technique with a laparoscopic linear stapling device to prevent postoperative anastomotic bleeding and stenosis. In the remaining 37 cases, the Billroth II method was performed with a linear stapling device [1]. This technique is not only less invasive but also as safe as open gastrectomy, which was performed on 100 gastric cancer cases of similar staging.


Hand-assisted laparoscopic surgery Intracorporeal anastomosis Laparoscopic distal gastrectomy Lymph node dissection Quadrilateral stapling technique Totally laparoscopic gastrectomy 


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  • M. Higashino
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