Distributed Computing

, Volume 14, Issue 4, pp 193–204 | Cite as

Laziness pays! Using lazy synchronization mechanisms to improve non-blocking constructions

  • Mark Moir


We present a simple and efficient wait-free implementation of Lazy Large Load-Linked/Store-Conditional (Lazy-LL/SC), which can be used to atomically modify a dynamically-determined set of shared variables in a lock-free manner. The semantics of Lazy-LL/SC is weaker than that of similar objects used by us previously to design lock-free and wait-free constructions, and as a result can be implemented more efficiently. However, we show that Lazy-LL/SC is strong enough to be used in existing non-blocking universal constructions and to build new ones.

Key words: Lazy – Lock-free – Wait-free – Nonblocking – Synchronization 


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  • Mark Moir
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