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Stable and scalable universal swarms

  • Ji ZhuEmail author
  • Stratis Ioannidis
  • Nidhi Hegde
  • Laurent Massoulié


Hajek and Zhu (Stoch Syst 1(2):246–273, 2011) recently showed that the BitTorrent protocol can become unstable when peers depart immediately after downloading all pieces of a file. In light of this result, Zhou et al. (2011) propose bundling swarms together, allowing peers to exchange pieces across different swarms, and claim that such “universal swarms” can increase BitTorrent’s stability region. In this work, we formally characterize the stability region of universal swarms and show that they indeed exhibit excellent properties. In particular, bundling allows a single seeder with limited upload capacity to serve an arbitrary number of disjoint swarms if the arrival rate of peers in each swarm is lower than the seeder upload capacity. Our result also shows that the stability region is insensitive to peers’ upload capacity, piece selection policies and number of swarms.


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This work was supported by the National Science Foundation under Grant NSF CCF 10-16959, and was partially funded by the European Commission under the FIRE SCAMPI (FP7- IST-258414) Project.


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  • Ji Zhu
    • 1
    Email author
  • Stratis Ioannidis
    • 2
  • Nidhi Hegde
    • 3
  • Laurent Massoulié
    • 4
  1. 1.University of Illinois at Urbana-ChampaignUrbanaUSA
  2. 2.TechnicolorPalo AltoUSA
  3. 3.TechnicolorIssy les MoulineauxFrance
  4. 4.MSR-INRIAPalaiseauFrance

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