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Relationship between tilt changes and effusive-explosive episodes at an andesitic volcano: the 2004–2005 eruption at Volcán de Colima, México

  • Vyacheslav M. ZobinEmail author
  • Juan José Ramírez
  • Hydyn Santiago
  • Eliseo Alatorre
  • Carlos Navarro
Research Article


Continuous tilt changes during the 2004–2005 effusive-explosive episodes at Volcán de Colima (México) were recorded simultaneously by two tiltmeters installed on opposite sides of the volcano at elevations of 2200 m and 3060 m above sea level. Data indicate that the 2004 lava extrusion was preceded by an inflation accompanied by a deflation. The 2005 explosion sequences were associated with a deflationary–inflationary tilt. The period between the 2004 extrusion and the 2005 explosions was characterized by an inflationary tilt during a 3 month period. Two deformation sources were located. The first was situated at a depth between 300 m and 1800 m beneath the crater at the northern flank of the volcano and was responsible for volcano deformation during the preliminary September 2004 stage, the October 2004 extrusion, and the initial stage of the transition period and the March 2005 explosion sequence. The second source was located at a depth between 1800 m and 2800 m beneath the crater at the southern flank of the volcano and was responsible for volcano deformation during the final stage of the transition period and the May–June 2005 explosion sequence.


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The comments by JDL White, B van Wyk de Vries, J Gottsmann and two anonymous reviewers helped to improve the manuscript. One of the anonymous reviewers improved our English grammar. This study was partially supported by the European Commission, 6th Framework Project –‘VOLUME', Contract No. 08471.


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  • Vyacheslav M. Zobin
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    Email author
  • Juan José Ramírez
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  • Hydyn Santiago
    • 1
  • Eliseo Alatorre
    • 1
  • Carlos Navarro
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  1. 1.Observatorio VulcanológicoUniversidad de ColimaColimaMexico

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