Expression of Slc35f1 in the murine brain

  • Jacob Farenholtz
  • Nadine Artelt
  • Antje Blumenthal
  • Karlhans Endlich
  • Heyo K. Kroemer
  • Nicole Endlich
  • Oliver von Bohlen und HalbachEmail author
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The solute carrier (SLC) group of membrane transport proteins includes about 400 members organized into more than 50 families. The SLC family that comprises nucleoside-sugar transporters is referred to as SLC35. One of the members of this family is SLC35F1. The function of SLC35F1 is still unknown; however, recent studies demonstrated that SLC35F1 mRNA is highly expressed in the brain and in the kidney. Therefore, we examine the distribution of Slc35f1 protein in the murine forebrain using immunohistochemistry. We could demonstrate that Slc35f1 is highly expressed in the adult mouse brain in a variety of different brain structures, including the cortex, hippocampus, amygdala, thalamus, basal ganglia, and hypothalamus. To examine the possible roles of Slc35f1 and its subcellular localization, we used an in vitro glioblastoma cell line expressing Slc35f1. Co-labeling experiments were performed to reveal the subcellular localization of Slc35f1. Our results indicate that Slc35f1 neither co-localizes with markers for the Golgi apparatus nor with markers for the endoplasmic reticulum. Time-lapse microscopy of living cells revealed that Slc35f1-positive structures are highly dynamic and resemble vesicles. Using super-resolution microscopy, these Slc35f1-positive spots clearly co-localize with the recycling endosome marker Rab11.


Rab Slc35 Central nervous system Neuron 



We thank Sabine Hanisch and Sindy Schröder for excellent technical assistance.

Supplementary material

441_2019_3008_MOESM1_ESM.avi (1.1 mb)
ESM 1 Time-lapse movie tracing of slc35f1 positive structures that move within the cell soma (one that moves towards the center of the cell is highlighted by a red arrow; 3 frames per second) (AVI 1174 kb)


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