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, Volume 373, Issue 1, pp 267–286 | Cite as

Peripheral and central autonomic nervous system: does the sympathetic or parasympathetic nervous system bear the brunt of the pathology during the course of sporadic PD?

  • Satoshi OrimoEmail author
  • Estifanos Ghebremedhin
  • Ellen Gelpi


It is a well-established fact that the sympathetic, parasympathetic and enteric nervous systems are affected at early stages in Parkinson’s disease (PD). However, it is not yet clarified whether the earliest pathological events preferentially occur in any of these three divisions of the autonomic nervous system (ANS). Significant involvement of the peripheral autonomic nervous system of the heart and gastrointestinal tract has been documented in PD. Accumulating evidence suggests that the PD pathology spreads centripetally from the peripheral to central nervous system through autonomic nerve fibers, implicating the ANS as a major culprit in PD pathogenesis and a potential target for therapy. This study begins with a brief overview of the structures of the central and peripheral autonomic nervous system and then outlines the major clinicopathological manifestations of cardiovascular and gastrointestinal disturbances in PD.


Parkinson’s disease α-Synuclein Lewy body Autonomic nervous system Cardiovascular autonomic test Gastrointestinal system Parasympathetic Sympathetic Enteric nervous system Orthostatic hypotension Heart rate variability meta-Iodobenzylguanidine cardiac scintigraphy Tyrosine hydroxylase 



Part of these studies has been possible thanks to the SINBAR Innsbruck-Barcelona collaboration, the IDIBAPS Barcelona Brain Bank, the Fondo De Investigación Sanitaria (FIS)-Instituto de Salud Carlos III and the Spanish Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness PI13/01455.


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