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Runx2 acts downstream of C/EBPβ to regulate the differentiation of uterine stromal cells in mice

  • Chuan-Hui Guo
  • Zhan-Peng Yue
  • Zhi-Kun Bai
  • Dang-Dang Li
  • Zhan-Qing Yang
  • Bin GuoEmail author
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Although Runx2 is involved in the regulation of cellular differentiation, its physiological roles in the differentiation of uterine stromal cells during decidualization still remain unknown. The aim of this study was to examine the expression, regulation and function of Runx2 in mouse uterus during decidualization. The results showed that Runx2 was highly expressed in the decidua and oil-induced decidualized cells. In the uterine stromal cells, recombinant human Runx2 (rRunx2) could induce the expression of Prl8a2 and Prl3c1 which are two well-known differentiation markers for decidualization, while inhibition of Runx2 with specific siRNA reduced their expression. Further study found that rRunx2 could improve the expression of Prl8a2 and Prl3c1 in the C/EBPβ siRNA-transfected stromal cells. In the stromal cells, cAMP analogue 8-Br-cAMP could induce the expression of Runx2. Moreover, the induction was blocked by PKA inhibitor H89. Simultaneously, attenuation of C/EBPβ with siRNA could also reduce the cAMP-induced Runx2 expression. Furthermore, siRNA-mediated silencing of Runx2 expression alleviated the effects of cAMP on the differentiation of stromal cells. Runx2 might act downstream of C/EBPβ to regulate the expression of Cox-2, Vegf and Mmp9 in the uterine stromal cells. Collectively, Runx2 may play an important role during mouse decidualization.


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This work was financially supported by Special Funds for Scientific Research on Public Causes (201303119) and National Natural Science Foundation of China (31472158 and 31372390).


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  2. 2.College of Veterinary MedicineNortheast Agricultural UniversityHarbinChina

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