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Expression patterns of nm23 genes during mouse organogenesis

  • Lilian Amrein
  • Perrine Barraud
  • Jean-Yves Daniel
  • Yves Pérel
  • Marc Landry
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Nucleoside di-phosphate kinase enzyme (NDPK) isoforms, encoded by the nm23 family of genes, may be involved in various cellular differentiation and proliferation processes. We have therefore analyzed the expression of nm23-M1, -M2, -M3, and -M4 during embryonic mouse development. In situ hybridization data has revealed the differential expression of nm23 mRNA during organogenesis. Whereas nm23-M1 and -M3 are preferentially expressed in the nervous and sensory systems, nm23-M2 mRNA is found ubiquitously. Irrespective of the developmental state studied, nm23-M4 mRNA is only expressed at low levels in a few embryonic organs. In the cerebellum and cerebral cortex, nm23-M1, -M2, and -M3 are present in the neuronal differentiation layer, whereas nm23-M4 mRNA is distributed in the proliferating layer. Thus, nm23 mRNA is differentially expressed, and the diverse NDPK isoforms are sequentially involved in various developmental processes.


Nucleoside diphosphate kinase nm23 Embryonic development Nervous system Differential expression Mouse (C57BL/6) 


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  • Jean-Yves Daniel
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  • Yves Pérel
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