Probability Theory and Related Fields

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Random random walks on ℤ2d

  • David Bruce Wilson


We consider random walks on classes of graphs defined on the d-dimensional binary cube ℤ2 d by placing edges on n randomly chosen parallel classes of vectors. The mixing time of a graph is the number of steps of a random walk before the walk forgets where it started, and reaches a random location. In this paper we resolve a question of Diaconis by finding exact expressions for this mixing time that hold for all n>d and almost all choices of vector classes. This result improves a number of previous bounds. Our method, which has application to similar problems on other Abelian groups, uses the concept of a universal hash function, from computer science.

Key words and phrases. Random walk hypercube mixing time threshold. 
Mathematics Subject Classification (1991): Primary 60J15; Secondary 60B15 


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