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A contour line of the continuum Gaussian free field

  • Oded Schramm
  • Scott SheffieldEmail author


Consider an instance \(h\) of the Gaussian free field on a simply connected planar domain \(D\) with boundary conditions \(-\lambda \) on one boundary arc and \(\lambda \) on the complementary arc, where \(\lambda \) is the special constant \(\sqrt{\pi /8}\). We argue that even though \(h\) is defined only as a random distribution, and not as a function, it has a well-defined zero level line \(\gamma \) connecting the endpoints of these arcs, and the law of \(\gamma \) is \(\mathrm{SLE}(4)\). We construct \(\gamma \) in two ways: as the limit of the chordal zero contour lines of the projections of \(h\) onto certain spaces of piecewise linear functions, and as the only path-valued function on the space of distributions with a natural Markov property. We also show that, as a function of \(h, \gamma \) is “local” (it does not change when \(h\) is modified away from \(\gamma \)) and derive some general properties of local sets.

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We wish to thank Vincent Beffara, Richard Kenyon, Jané Kondev, Julien Dubédat, and David Wilson for inspiring and useful conversations. In particular, Kenyon and the first author worked out a coupling of the GFF and \(\mathrm{SLE}(8)\) early on, which is quite similar to the coupling between the GFF and \(\mathrm{SLE}(4)\) presented here. We also thank Jason Miller for helpful comments on a draft of this paper.


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  1. 1.Department of MathematicsMITCambridgeUSA

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