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Excursion decompositions for SLE and Watts' crossing formula



It is known that Schramm-Loewner Evolutions (SLEs) have a.s. frontier points if κ>4 and a.s. cutpoints if 4<κ<8. If κ>4, an appropriate version of SLE(κ) has a renewal property: it starts afresh after visiting its frontier. Thus one can give an excursion decomposition for this particular SLE(κ) “away from its frontier”. For 4<κ<8, there is a two-sided analogue of this situation: a particular version of SLE(κ) has a renewal property w.r.t its cutpoints; one studies excursion decompositions of this SLE “away from its cutpoints”. For κ=6, this overlaps Virág's results on “Brownian beads”. As a by-product of this construction, one proves Watts' formula, which describes the probability of a double crossing in a rectangle for critical plane percolation.


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