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Genetics and genomics of neurobehavioral disorders

Gene S. Fisch (Editor), Humana Press, ISBN 1-58829-045-X, hardcover, 428 pages, 125.00 US$
  • Randi J. HagermanEmail author
Book Review

Gene Fisch has edited a remarkable volume on the genetics and genomics of neurodevelopmental disorders. This book is timely because it describes the explosion of newly identified genes and methodologies to evaluate mutations, coupled with advances in defining behavioral and cognitive phenotypes for many disorders.

Part I includes a detailed history of the evaluation of cognitive deficits and mental retardation by the editor Gene Fisch. In addition, an excellent overview of neuroanatomical changes in Down syndrome, Williams syndrome, and fragile X syndrome linking structural abnormalities at the macro- and micro-level to behavior is written by Albert Galaburda and Eric Schmitt. A subsequent chapter by Costa, Elgersma, and Silva gives detailed descriptions of animal models and molecular manipulations of genes including the Cre/Lox P system. Their description of epistatic interactions, the influence of the genotype at one locus on the effect of a mutation at another locus, is nicely...

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