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Reviewer Acknowledgements 2019


The Editor, Klaus Höffken, and the Vice-Editors-in-Chief, Haiquan Chen, Junho Chung, Helmut E. Gabbert, Andreas Hochhaus, Masanobu Kitagawa, Maurie Markman, Tadatoshi Takayama, and Zhao-You Tang would like to acknowledge the valuable contributions of the reviewers to the journal. We fully understand the burden and effort that are involved in the reviews, and are very grateful for your support. We rely on your expertise to maintain the standards of excellent science for the Journal of Cancer Research and Clinical Oncology.

Irenaeus Adamietz

Takumi Akashi

Yoshimitsu Akiyama

Muhammad Akram

Peter Albers

Ute-Susann Albert

Luis Alfaro Ferreres

Martin Anlauf

Emilio Araujo-Mino

Christian Arsov

Ryutaro Asano

Maurizio Battino

Astrid Bauschke

Clara Bayarri-Lara

Wolf Bechstein

Filippo Bellati

Jörg Beyer

Alfred Böcking

R. van Boerdonk

Carsten Bokemeyer

Ulrich-Axel Bommer

Shirin Bonni

Emmanuelle Bourneuf

Rita Brandao

Annamaria Brioli

Kara Britt

Brendan Browne

Michela Buglione

Andreas Burchert



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