Primary multifocal osseous Hodgkin disease: a case report and review of the literature

  • C. Gebert
  • J. Hardes
  • H. Ahrens
  • H. Buerger
  • W. Winkelmann
  • G. Gosheger
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Hodgkin disease (HD) typically involves the lymphatic system at one or more sites. Rarely, Hodgkin disease presents as an osseous lesion without involvement of lymph nodes. Therefore, the histologic diagnosis of osseous HD can be problematic. We present a rare case of multifocal osseous HD and a review the literature with special emphasis on treatment and prognosis.


Osteomyelitis and lymphoma are the main differential diagnoses and can only be excluded histologically by the presence of Sternberg Reed cells or by immunohistochemical examinations. This case reports a 21-year old man with a Hodgkin lymphoma located at the proximal femur and the proximal tibia.


Staging studies revealed no other tumor manifestations. Regarding the Ann Arbor classification, the presented case should be a stage IV disease. The patient is without evidence of disease 4 years after curettage, local radiation therapy, and systemic chemotherapy despite the poor prognosis considering the Ann Arbor classification.


Reviewing the few reported cases, osseous HD must be distinguished from systemic HD with diffuse bone marrow involvement and from osseous metastases in advanced stage of disease because it seems to have a better prognosis.


Osseous Hodgkin disease Bone Lymphoma Tumor 


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  • J. Hardes
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  • H. Ahrens
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  • H. Buerger
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  • W. Winkelmann
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  • G. Gosheger
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  1. 1.Department of OrthopedicsUniversity of MuensterMuensterGermany
  2. 2.Gerhard-Domagk Institute of PathologyUniversity of MuensterMunsterGermany

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