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Perinatal stroke: a case-based review

  • Arvind Sehgal


Neonatal stroke is a diverse clinical entity. Terminology and aetiology described in the literature are very varied. While numerous risk factors are cited, only few case–control studies have investigated them in a systematic fashion. This equipoise extends to the investigational and management profile of perinatal stroke too. Controversy persists about the suitability of detailed haematological thrombophilia workup in the neonatal period. This case-based review details the variable clinical presentation in term and preterm neonates, discusses the current literature, ascertains the respective roles of various imaging modalities, explores relevant new neuroprotective interventions and proposes a systematic approach to clinical and neuroimaging workup. Long-term follow-up is important as many infants suffer neuro-disability, which might need early intervention strategies.


Neonates Stroke Management 


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