Acknowledgement to reviewers 2018


The Editors of Virchows Archiv are most grateful to all of the colleagues who contributed to another year of success in pathology publishing. The invaluable effort in providing a timely and accurate reviewing process is one of the many ways in which scientists and clinicians have helped boost the impact of our journal. However, no success could be achieved without the steadily increasing input of submitted original results, review articles and guideline papers by the community of pathologists. The Editorial Team wishes to acknowledge the contributions of our expert reviewers, and hopes to call on their knowledge again in 2019.

Abe, Hiroyuki

Adam, Patrick

Agaimy, Abbas

Alaggio, Rita

Alfsen, Cecilie

Al-Ibraheemi, Alyaa

Allende, Daniela

Amann, Kerstin

Anagnostopoulos, Ioannis

Angelini, Annalisa

Antonescu, Cristina

Arai, Tomio

Argani, Pedram

Ariza, Aurelio

Asa, Sylvia

Assarzadegan, Naziheh

Baba, Hideo

Badoual, Cecile

Bago, Zsuzsanna

Balci, Serdar

Barbareschi, Mattia

Barresi, Valeria



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