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Continuous irrigation around pancreatic remnant decreases pancreatic fistula-related intraabdominal complications after distal pancreatectomy

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To evaluate whether the technique of irrigation around pancreatic remnant after distal pancreatectomy (DP) can reduce the incidence of postoperative pancreatic fistula (PF) and its related intraabdominal complications.


In the retrospective clinical trial, the technique of irrigation around pancreatic remnant after DP was introduced. The clinical data of 60 patients who underwent the irrigation technique (irrigation group) and the other 65 patients who did not undergo the technique (non-irrigation group) were recorded, respectively. Preoperative clinicopathological features, intraoperative parameters, postoperative morbidity, clinically significant PF, and its related intraabdominal complications were compared between the two groups.


The patency of irrigation tubes and drains was maintained in 59 patients. The overall incidence of PF was 31.2 %. There was no significant difference in the rate of PF between the two groups (P = 0.781), but the rate of PF-related intraabdominal complications was significantly lower in the irrigation group than that in the non-irrigation group (5 vs. 18, P = 0.005). The overall incidence of intraabdominal complications was significantly lower in the irrigation group than that in the non-irrigation group (23 vs. 39, P = 0.025).


The technique of irrigation around pancreatic remnant after DP is a simple method for prevention of clinically significant PF and its related intraabdominal complications.


Distal pancreatectomy Pancreatic fistula Complication Irrigation 


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