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Adult living donor liver transplantation: living donation of the right liver lobe

  • J. MittlerEmail author
  • A. Pascher
  • S. Jonas
  • J. Pratschke
  • U. P. Neumann
  • J. M. Langrehr
  • P. Neuhaus
Current Concepts in Clinical Surgery



Adult living donor liver transplantation (LDLT) has become a routine treatment option for patients waiting for liver transplantation. In European and North American countries, LDLT for adult recipients is mainly performed with right lobe grafts. Indications, when compared to deceased donor liver transplantation, are controversial.

Materials and methods

In our institution, patients suffering from hepatocellular carcinoma in cirrhosis, non-resectable hilar cholangiocarcinoma, viral hepatitis associated cirrhosis, as well as cholestatic liver and biliary disease are considered good candidates for LDLT.


In this overview, donor evaluation, graft selection, and the donor operation with special regard to operative techniques and strategies are discussed. For visualization, a 5-min video sequence of the standard donor operation as performed in our institution is attached.


Given the ongoing shortage of donor organs, adult LDLT has become a routine treatment option for patients waiting for liver transplantation. The associated inevitable risk for the healthy donor, however, remains ethically controversial.


Liver transplantation Living donation Evaluation Indications Operative strategy 

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  • S. Jonas
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  • J. Pratschke
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  • U. P. Neumann
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  • J. M. Langrehr
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  • P. Neuhaus
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