Thanks to our reviewers

Acknowledgement to referees

We would like to gratefully acknowledge all reviewers for their time and expertise so generously given to the peer review of manuscripts in International Archives of Occupational and Environmental Health in 2018. We truly appreciate their continued support and commitment in helping us maintain and improve the quality of our journal.

Åhlin, Julia

Aili, Katarina

Amler, Nadja

Andersen, Lars Peter

Andersson, Eva

Anderzén, Ingrid

Andrews, David

Angelon-Gaetz, Kim

Angerer, Peter

Apostoli, Pietro

Argalasova, Lubica

Arlinger, Stig

Arnetz, Bengt

Arrandale, Victoria

Bach, Elsa

Bäcker, Sandra

Baker, Marissa

Barrech, Amira

Beermann, Beate

Behrens, Thomas

Bernhard-Oettel, Claudia

Bethge, Matthias

Bieleman, Hendrik Jan

Birkeland, Marianne Skogbrott

Björk, Jonas

Blair, Aaron

boezeman, edwin j.

Boffetta, Paolo

Bolt, Hermann

Bonafede, Michela

Bonde, Jens Peter

Bonzini, Matteo

Boot, Cecile

Boulanger, Mathilde

Bovenzi, Massimo

Braeckman, Lutgart

Brans, Richard

Brauer, Charlotte

Brüning, Thomas


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