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On electrohydrodynamic flow of Jeffrey fluid through a heating vibrating cylindrical tube with moving endoscope

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This paper deals with the study of the effect of a variable normal electric field on Jeffry flow through a heating vibrating cylindrical tube with moving endoscope. Under the assumption of long wavelength and the use of appropriate non-dimensional quantities, the analytical solutions for axial and radial velocities, stream function, fluid pressure, electrical potential function and temperature distribution are obtained. The results show that the volume of the trapped bolus increases by the increase of amplitude ratio, endoscope radius, Jeffry parameter and electrical Rayleigh number, whereas it has an opposite effect on the increase in the endoscope velocity and temperature parameter. Furthermore, it is observed that the effects of the amplitude ratio and Jeffry parameter on the axial velocity in the presence of electric field are greater and clearer than those in the absence of electric field.

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