An efficient finite strip procedure for initial post-buckling analysis of thin-walled members

  • Pusong Ma
  • Bin HeEmail author
  • Yuan Fang
  • Yanmei Jiao
  • Haonan Qi


An efficient procedure based on the semi-analytical finite strip method with invariant matrices is developed and applied to analyze the initial post-buckling of thin-walled members. Nonlinear strain–displacement equations are introduced in the manner of the von Karman assumption for the classical thin plate theory, and the formulations of the finite strip methods are deduced from the principle of the minimum potential energy. In order to improve the computational efficiency, an analytical integral of the stiffness matrix is transformed into matrix multiple calculation with introducing invariant matrices which can be integrated in advance only once. Three commonly employed benchmark problems are tested with proposed method and other state-of-the-art methods. The corresponding comparison results show that: (1) this finite strip method is proved to be a feasible and accurate tool; (2) compared with the calculation process of the conventional finite strip methods, the proposed procedure is much more efficient since it requires the integration of the stiffness matrix only once no matter how many iterations are needed; and (3) the advantage of time-saving is greatly remarkable as the number of iterations increases.


Invariant matrix Thin-walled members Initial post-buckling Geometrical nonlinear Semi-analytical finite strip method 



The research is financed by Science Challenge Project in China (JCKY2016212A 506-0104), Natural Science Foundation of China (11472135), Natural Science Foundation of Jiangsu Province, China (BK20130911).


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