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Ultrasound propagation in cancellous bone

  • Holger SteebEmail author
Special Issue


Wave propagation in fluid-saturated cancellous bone is studied on the basis of two approaches: The thermodynamic-consistent Theory of Porous Media (TPM) and Biot’s theory. Phase velocities in the low-frequency range, calculated with the Biot-Gassmann relations, Wyllie’s equation and the TPM, are demonstrating that a simple, so-called hybrid biphasic TPM model is able to capture the main acoustical effects in cancellous bones. Furthermore, an extension towards high-frequency wave propagation is discussed on the basis of the constitutive relations for the momentum exchange of the fluid and the solid phases. Further numerical results show that, in the high-frequency (ultrasound) range a viscous correction as well as an added mass effect (tortuosity) needs to be taken into account to explain experimentally obtained results.


Wave propagation Cancellous bone Porous media Ultrasound 


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