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Asymptotic suction profiles for the Blasius and Sakiadis flow with constant and variable fluid properties

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A theoretical study of the effect of variable fluid properties on the Blasius and Sakiadis flow with uniform suction at the asymptotic state is presented in this paper. The investigation concerns air and water taking into account the variation of their physical properties with temperature. Velocity and temperature profiles are presented as well as values of the displacement thickness, momentum thickness, shape factor, wall shear stress and Nusselt number for different temperatures of the plate and the ambient fluid. It is found that the nondimensional displacement thickness, momentum thickness, shape factor, absolute wall shear stress and Nusselt number are identical in both Blasius and Sakiadib flow at the asymptotic state for a fluid with constant properties. The same is valid for any fluid with variable properties if the temperature boundary conditions are the same in Blasius and Sakiadis flow.


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  1. 1.Associate Professor of Fluid Mechanics, School of EngineeringDemocritus University of ThraceXanthiGreece

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