Endoscopic surgery of the orbit: anatomy, pathology, and management. Editors: Benjamin S. Bleier, Suzanne K. Freitag, Raymond Sacks (2019), printed pages 181, Hardback, ISBN: 978-1-62623-505-2, Thieme New York

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Endoscopic minimally invasive “keyhole” surgery has increased in popularity and significance in almost all surgical disciplines since it allows to diminish the morbidity of broadly dissecting healthy tissue, therefore achieving a better outcome esthetic as well as functional.

Robert Machemer introduced pars-plans vitrectomy keyhole surgery in 1969. However, the orbit and lacrimal drainage system have been in the focus of minimally invasive surgery for over two decades. In recent years, the advanced endoscopic endonasal and periocular approaches to the orbital apex and skull base have been developed. As yet, there has been a surprising lack of a comprehensive compendium of information on these still-nascent peri- and intraorbital endoscopic techniques.

The book “Endoscopic Surgery of the Orbit” is of high clinical importance for a broad, highly multidisciplinary readership including at least ophthalmologists, skull base surgeons, and reconstructive and rhinologic surgeons. The...

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