IOLs glistenings and quality of vision

  • Andrzej GrzybowskiEmail author
  • Piotr Kanclerz
  • George H. H. Beiko
Letter to the Editor
Glistenings are small (1.0 to 20.0 μm) fluid-filled microvacuoles which appear within the intraocular lens (IOL) optic when it is placed in an aqueous environment [ 1]. It has been reported that the glistenings only occur when the IOL is immersed in liquid, suggesting that an influx of aqueous humour into existing spaces in the optic is the reason for this phenomena and not the degeneration of IOL optic material [ 2]. Subsurface nanoglistenings (SSNGs) are much smaller fluid-filled gaps, measuring < 200 nm in size and < 120 microns from the surface of the optic of the IOL. SSNGs may give the IOL surface whitish coloration when the light is directed at the IOL at the angle of incidence of 30° or greater [ 3].


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  1. 1.Department of OphthalmologyUniversity of Warmia and MazuryOlsztynPoland
  2. 2.Institute for Research in OphthalmologyFoundation for Ophthalmology DevelopmentPoznanPoland
  3. 3.Private PracticeGdańskPoland
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