Vitreous: In Health and Disease Editor: J. Sebag 2014, printed pages 925, Hardback, ISBN: 9781493910854 Springer-Verlag New York

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Vitreous is the largest structure within the eye, yet there has been a surprising absence in the world’s compendium of major works on this subject. The book is an impressive compilation of important information regarding the role of vitreous in ocular physiology and disease, and the title accurately reflects the scope of this work. The book is edited by Dr. J. Sebag, who has been a leading figure in this field for decades. Soon after the dawn of vitreous surgery, Dr. Sebag began vitreous research as a medical student at Columbia with the legendary Endre Balazs. That work clarified not only the structure of the vitreous body but also provided insight into the biological role(s) of vitreous. Over the years, Dr. Sebag has not only sustained his personal quest to learn more about vitreous, but has stimulated such work by others, this author included. This book is the culmination of advanced exploration by many, and thus not only has monumental value today, but will also likely become a...


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